The goal set forth in this article is for us to understand that we first have to learn what we are made of in order to get healthy. I am not talking about the obvious here such as skin, bones and organs. These are the ingredients of the human body, yes but we also are spiritual beings. Let me ask you this, not only for those of you who ignore or simply dislike chatter regarding the spritual part of our being, but for everyone. When you purchase a vehicle, you want not only for the engine to run, but also want the transmission and starter to work as well, correct? What about the accelerator and the brakes? Yeah, I believe that you may want all of the parts in the vehicle to work as not to create a butterfly effect.


Can you take a shower without water? Can you bake a cake if the heating elements in the oven do not work? No. The answer to all of these questions is NO. Why then do you think of yourselves as less than the machinery that it takes us to run. We expect machinery to run smoothly with all of the parts intact. We do not board an airplane to travel without gas and a pilot, yet we do not consider for one moment whether or not our beings run like a well-oiled machine. This is very sad and I am here to help you change this area of your lives.


For those of you who are unaware, we do not have souls…we are souls and that is very important to know and live by. So, in essence, we do not have to say my soul, we just have to say I. You may notice that many people talk about the soul as if it lives outside of the body when in fact the soul uses the body as a vessel. Picture a soul if you will, you may have different pictures in your mind about what a soul looks like. I believe that most of us see a soul as a transparent shape. Can this transparent shape live or function in a physical world without a vessel? I think not.


How much have we learned about ourselves and what we are made of in school? Well, we learn to read and write, to spell and do arithmetic, we discuss history and science, learn other languages, create art, music and exercise at the gym. Learning about the reproductive system is of course helpful and doing exercise is great for our bodies. But what of our minds and spirit? Nothing!!! Let’s face it, if we were aware of who we actually are capitalism would not be alive today and we would practice a very different culture. Why do I say this?


I say this because I am earning a doctorate and my degrees are in different areas and I tend to feel uncomfortable about the different concentrations I chose for my degrees but I really am getting over it. Since others have confirmed what I thought I knew about who we really are and what we are capable of doing, I have different interests in life. I am interested in the law of attraction, other universal laws, science, quantum physics and our diets in order to learn which foods fuel our cells in order for us (souls) to live longer in our vessels. Imagine than all of the beings on our planet were aware of who we really are. Interests would change a bit. We may be more interested in universal travel and teaching others how to get what they want without using other people to do so, like using our thoughts more to do and get that which we desire.


What would be the need for such large staffs in the hospital if we were all healthy? What would be the need for so many psychiatrists and psychologists if our thoughts were all healthy? Stress levels would be nil to none because we would not have to struggle with bills, competition, land and so forth. We live in other people’s realities for the purpose of greed and control. We were not put here to be controlled. We were put here to create!


We are made up mostly of water and that is a miracle in itself and we are energy, another miracle. In the center of our brains we have a pineal gland also known as the third eye. You may have noticed that many ancient philosophical and religious Asians wear pine-cones on their heads. You will notice also that people from India wear a Bindi in the middle of their foreheads to represent the third eye of spiritual sight. The pineal gland is extremely small and looks like a miniature pine-cone and is why some where pine cones, hold them, and use them as statues such as the vatican. I collect them and have been for years and I did not know (consciously) why I was attracted to them. We are also made up of a multitude of cells which must be nourished in or for us to be healthy and heal properly.


You will find in this community articles and conversation regarding good and bad eating habits, disease and cures. You will learn how to decalcify your pineal gland which is most likely calcified from fluoride. We discuss eating disorders and prevention as well as the health benefits of drinking spring water and taking purified water out of your diet completely. Please DO NOT drink faucet water! Please remember that we eat to live and not live to eat. Food is necessary to nourish our cells and keep us alive, not love it and fondle it and become obese. This is not the plan folks; this is NOT the plan.


Simone M Brady

AKA I am that I am, Ms Philosopher, The Philosopher, Content Sorceress & sBrady4Lifestyles

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