We live according to the reality of others (Cultural Capitalists; the elite). We are told what to wear, however; we are unaware of it because we are given choices and only the right ones are acceptable. We can choose the dresses we want to wear, the suits we like, the socks, shoes and so forth. You believe this is choice…I tell you that our choices have consequences. We believe that the choices that we are given means that we have opportunities to wear what we want from makeup and cologne to clothing and hair styles. I am not sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news because what I have to say will enlighten you. I want to show you a better way to think and find who YOU are in order for you to live a full happy life according to you.

Before I go further, please answer this question. Are you living the experiences that you want to live? You may think that you are so let me ask the following questions:


~If you are a woman, why do you wear makeup?


~Were you ever told that your goals are simply pipe dreams? Were you ever told to stop daydreaming?


~Why must men wear suits and women wear dresses as formal functions, such as a wedding?


~Why must we pay for courses in higher education that should be taught to elementary school students?


~Why is creative visualization called “that magic stuff?”


~Why were certain people called witches and burned at the stake?


~Why do philosophers, masters and messengers have a lower status than cultural capitalistst?


~Why isn’t less more and more less?


~Why, in Western civilization are we told that intellect is more important than intuition?


~Why do we not cross borders?


~Was Abraham Lincoln a bad man? What about President Kennedy?


Simone M Brady

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