It is amazing that many human beings think so little of creation that they believe that we have to wait for a cure for a disease to come along in order for us to be saved. Nature is our natural healer and synthetic drugs are not needed to heal, in fact; many of the prescriptions that are available have side effects that eventually harm or kill humans. Do you actually believe that a natural cure is not available for every illness we can conceive of? Whether you believe in God or Mother Nature or both, do you think that God, the Omnipresent energy is so simple that he would not have a cure for all illnesses? I am guessing the logic behind that is God said, oh well you figure it out!


Do you think that God left healing the human body up to doctors and scientists? While humans can be integral, they can also be deceitful and greedy and God knows this, so why would he leave it up to humans to heal the human body that HE so carefully created? HE would not. Nutrition and a positive frame of mind cures diseases, so folks; let’s change our diets and live longer and happier lives.