Let Us Start the Change

There are so many ways that I can begin this article. It is not always easy as a writer to choose how to open, so I begin with the truth. The truth is that I believe that when we are enlightened, we should share and enlighten others. It is the only way I know to feel good inside. I am not here to feel bad and neither are you. I am writing these words using my thoughts as they come because I cannot rehearse and edit truth. So let me begin by saying these few things:

I research, write and coach for a living so a lot of information I will share freely, however; I will charge for some information by selling eBooks, offering courses and coaching. My prices are minimal because I am not greedy; however, I cannot work for free. I look at it this way; people who charge a lot of money for no reason whatsoever fear that they will not make enough money to live. They must fear that only a handful of people will buy what they are offering. I on the other hand reverse that type of thinking. I believe that millions, even billions of people will buy what I have to offer so I can charge $1 to $10 for a book. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT; CHANGE YOUR REALITY!

There are things that you may not accept here as truth so all I ask is that you have an open mind. Forget some of the things that you were forced to believe in the past because they are extremely harmful to your being.

You are more than a social security number and a first and last name. Sure, it is wonderful to have a name, but who are YOU? Do you know who you are? You may be thinking yes, I am Joe Dirt and I am a male and I do such and such for a living and make this much money and I live in a fairly good neighborhood. OK, Joe Dirt. This tells me a name that was given to you and your gender and what you do and how much you make for a living. Awesome, however; you have not answered my question. Who ARE you? I did not ask how others made YOUR reality!!!

I have a few friends who say “I work for a living” in a manner to make me feel like I should be out there doing the same. I think awesome, yet you are always complaining. “I pay my bills”. I think awesome; and that’s it? You are not happy in your position, you complain about your co-workers, you want better pay….so what ARE you satisfied by? All I have heard is that you are not satisfied with the reality that others have made FOR you. I have not heard yet who YOU are. You do not even have the time to think about yourselves with all of that slaving for the elite, do you? Who are YOU?

Super beings living a human experience…can you grasp that? Do you consider the possibility of one universal mind (consciousness)? Rather than explain this to you by lecture as do others, I will mold you into who and what YOU want YOU to be. This begins by first learning who you are. Welcome to your awakening!


Let no man force your reality through the chains of religion and politics. Let no man again quiet the philosophers, the masters, the Jesus’, the Buddha’ or any other messenger or master. Open you hearts and listen to what we have been told that others have thrown into the fire to burn away from our hearts and ears. Realize this, between work and travel time to work, getting ready for work, attending college, watching the news and blah blah blah…when do you have time to think about yourselves let alone what messengers have been trying to tell us for millennia? This was the plan To forget who we are…do you see it?

Simone M Brady

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