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The human body requires water and a lot of it. While we are taught in school that we are made up of about 2/3 water, that is not entirely correct because the human body on a molecular/cellular level is made up of 99% water and get this; you should not consider yourself as a body made up of water, rather water formed as a human being (Postawski, 2015). We sweat and dehydrate and do not always drink enough water to replace the water that we lose. Sometime before the holidays 2015 (2 months or so), I will release my water eBook but for now I have provided a list of bottled water without fluoride for you to choose from. I have been drinking Arrowhead and Crystal Geyser and I buy 12 tall bottles of Fiji every month. Here I thought I was drinking water without fluoride, however; I was sadly mistaken.

Do you realize that a 6 pack of tall bottles of Fiji is $13 so I have been spending $26 per month on Fiji with fluoride and I buy about eight 24 packs of Arrowhead per month which costs $32 also with a bit of fluoride? I have not done all of the research on each brand so that I can differentiate the spring water from the purified water but I am in the process of doing that because spring water is healthiest as it contains the minerals that our bodies need. Purified water is without minerals because it goes through a process of purification and removes the minerals that are precious to our health. Please look for updates on which brands are spring and purified. Until then…


A Better Water, Agromas Natural Mineral Water, Albertsons, Alhambra, Alpina, American Fare,


American Star, Appco, Aqua Fresca, Aqua Panna, Aqua Pure, Aquarius Natural Mineral Water,


Arbor Springs Drinking Water, Arbor Springs Purified Water, Arbor Springs Spring Water,


Arlington Springs, Aqua Systems, Aqua Von, Arrowhead, Artesian Wells Distilled Water,


Artesain Wells Drinking Water, Artesian Wells Infant Water, Augusta Medical – Daniels


Badger Water, Belmont Springs, Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water, BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water, Bio-2, Black Berry Farms, Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water, Boney’s,


BORNEO Drinking Water, BORNEO Natural Mineral Water, Bountyland Buches


Calistoga, Callaway Blue, CAPA, Cascade Bottled Water, Cascade Distilled Water


Cascade Purified Drinking Water, Century Springs Distilled Water, Century Springs Spring


Water, Chemung Distilled Water, Chemung Spring Water, Chippewa Spring Water,


Citi Stop, Classic Selection, Clearly Arctic, Clear Mountain Spring Water, Clover Company


Limited, Coach, Cold Country, Cohutta Mountain Spring Water, Cowboy Squeeze,


Crowne Plaza Drinking Water, Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water, Cruel Jacks Spring Water,


Crystal Mountain Spring Water, Crystal Point, Crystal Ridge, Crystal Spring Natural Spring


Water, Crystal Springs, Crystal Springs Drinking Water, Crystal Springs Deionized Water,


Crystal Springs Spring Water, Culligan Water, Culligan Demineralized Water, Culligan Distilled


Water, Culligan Purified Water, Culligan Spring Water,


Dakota Splash


Dannon, Dannon Fluoridated Spring Water, Deep Rock, Deep Rock Crystal Drop,


Deep Rock Fontenelle, Deer Park, Deja Blue, Desert Quench, Diamond Spring Water


East Phils, Eco Quest, Elite, Equatorial Natural Mineral Water, Eureka, Evian


E Water


Family Pantry, Famous Ramona Water, Flowing Springs, Food Club, Founders Square Bank


Fresh Brands Artesian, Fresh Brands Distilled Water, Fresh Brands Drinking Water


Fresh Market


Great Bear, Get-N-Go, Glacier Bay, Glen Summit Springs Water, Glen Summit Distilled Water


Glenwood Inglewood, Gordon Food Service


Harvey’s, H2O4U, Henry’s, Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water, Hillcrest Distilled Water


Hillcrest Drinking Water, Hillcrest Spring Water, Hilton PJ Natural Mineral Water,


Hinckley Springs, HINT, Hi-Sprint Drinking Water, Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water


Hog Wash, Hon Less Natural Mineral Water


Ice Jam, Ice Mountain, Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water, Inland


Istana Natural Mineral Water


Joe Muggs, Joe Ragan’s Pure Water, Junior Johnson, Just Squeezed


Kandiyohi Drinking Water, Kentwood Springs, KLGCC Natural Mineral Water


Krystal J Artesian Water, Krystal J Distilled Water


Laure, Leroy Jenkins Ministries, Logansport Savings Bank, Lowe’s


Martins, Masafi Pure Natural Mineral Water, Mayer Bros., Mercurio Produce


Mesra Drinking Water, Mesra Natural Mineral Water, Misty Mountain


Monadnock Mountain Spring Water, Montclair, Mountain Energy, Mountain Forest,


Mountain Valley Spring Water, Mount Olympus Spring, Mutiara Natural Mineral Water


Nantze Springs, Nestle Pure Life, New Frontier Bank, Niagra Mist, Nicolet Distilled


Northern Illinois University, Nursery


Oasis Pure Drinking Water, Oasis Sparkling Water, Ogallala – Clear Cool Water


OUI Drinking Water, OUI Natural Mineral Water, Ozarka,


Paiges, Parmer Pure H2O, Patriots Choice, Pelangi Natural Mineral Water


Penta Ultra Premium Purified Drinking Water, Perrier, Piggly Wiggly, Poland Spring,


Polaris Water, Pristine Natural Artesian, Purely Sedona, Puritan Springs Distilled Water,


Puritan Springs Drinking Water


Quick Stop


Rain Soft, Refresh Natural Mineral Water, Reiser Drinking Water, Request Foods, Inc.,


Rip Time


Safeway – Refreshe, Sam’s Wine & Spirits, San Faustino Natural Mineral Water


San Pellegrino, Santee Springs, Scheopner’s Water, Sequoia Springs, Scotts


Shamrock, Shenandoah Distilled Water, Shenandoah Pure Drinking Water


Shenandoah Spring Water, Shop-N-Cart, Shur-Fine, Sierra Springs,


Silver Creek Purified Water, Silver Creek Spring Water, Sky Drinking Water


Snow Valley, Sparkletts, Spinx, Stator Bros. Markets, Summit Mountain


Summit Springs, Summit Valley


T-Rex, Teton Mountain Lodge Spring Water, Tweetsie


United Dairy Farmers


Valutime, Veta Drinking Water, Volvic


Walgreen’s Drinking Water, Wal-Mart, Wal-mart Kids Connection, Water Boy,


Weis Markets Spring Water, Western Family, Whistler Water, Whole Foods 365


Woodland Spring Water, Wyoming Machinery “Catipillar” Spring Water



Zephyrhills, Zodiac



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