Before I share with you what my children and I eat, I want to discuss things that we do not eat. We do not eat greasy burgers from fast food restaurants and we try not to eat other things from fast food restaurants as much as possible. We feel that the food is unhealthy and with rumors going around that there may be human meat in certain fast food burgers, who is to say that ingredients do not include dog and pigeon meat. No thanks! The Bible specifically tells us in Genesis 1:29 that we may eat of the meat of fruit. If you are not aware; the stuff around the pit of fruit is meat. We were not made to eat the flesh of another animal unless you want digestive problems, heart attacks and other such misfortunes. Further, are we cows? Why are humans drinking cow’s milk? Do cows drink human milk? Do farmers come to our homes or bring us to a barn to milk us? People will do anything for money and is why I cannot stand capitalism.

Firstly, I have plenty of recipes that are simple, quick and healthy but I would like to share this video so that you can see that fast food can be healthy and made at home. I will share my recipes in another article. I understand that many people are pressed for time because they are busy working their butts off for the elite, but you can create your own fast food meals and save money and your lives. If you consider drive time coupled with gas prices, then you will probably agree that creating your own fast food is the wiser decision. If you already spend an abundance of time away from home; why spend more time waiting in drive-thru or inside lines? I like to spend as much time with or around my children as possible because I did birth them and prefer them to be raised by me, rather than video games and child care. So here are some simple recipes from Gordon Ramsay (Chef). Ramsay’s recipes include meat, for those of you who eat it. Other videos below do not use meat in their recipes. I have my reservations about putting certain things inside my body, but I am not here to tell you which foods you should and should not eat; I share my experiences and the experiences of others because enlightenment is for everyone. Please ensure that no matter which recipes you choose whether here or in another community, you use ingredients that you are not allergic to. The same applies if you visit other communities for the purpose of using their exercise routines. Make sure the exercises are a good fit for your situation.

Here is a girl who offers vegetarian recipes. She does state that she is not vegetarian; but, she enjoys creating vegetarian and vegan meals. I understand that some vegetarians may not eat eggs at all, but if you are a vegetarian who scrambles eggs to add them to specific recipes, you will enjoy this. I am a vegetarian, but I do cheat. I do not have a problem adding egg to breadcrumbs because the mixture makes great patties. I have been making these patties since I was a kid because my mom as well as grand mom made patties with the extra breadcrumbs and egg from breading chicken or pork. They never added anything else but I always have. Typically, I add onions and fresh garlic, sometimes tomato or other vegetables that seem interesting at the time. Alrighty, let’s watch this girl’s video. She mentions that the recipes take a while to prepare but in my opinion, they seem fairly simple.

Let us visit a vegan video next

As you can see, one does not have to be unhappy eating healthy with meat, or as a vegetarian or vegan. Here is the problem with habit and brainwashing. We are in the habit of practicing traditions in our various cultures. This is great; however, there are times that we should questions things. For instance, why have we been told that children should drink cow’s milk? According to Rietz (n.d.), cow’s milk contains bacteria, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, blood, feces and so forth. Some of the chemicals in milk can cause sickness, disease and possibly death. I will provide more information regarding how disgusting and unhealthy milk is which is why we don’t drink it, in another article. The point is that we should question what we put in our bodies because our bodies carry us through this physical life. If it is important to put good fuel in your car, it should be more important to find and use the healthiest fuel for our bodies. Many of us probably do not question what we eat because I have heard many people say, “if it was good enough for my ancestors, it is good enough for me.” I say the opposite because my mom and grand mom took vitamins on a daily basis. I always thought that gel capsules and whatever the pills are contained in probably cause cancer. This is only my opinion. Why are we trying to get nutrition from pills when all we have to do is eat the right foods?

My experiences have led me to believe that the brainwashing we endure as well as being creatures of habit lead us to become accustomed to certain things that are foolish and unnecessary. When I chose to become a vegetarian again (now in the process of becoming vegan) I missed feeling certain textures and forms when looking at the presentation of my meals and chewing and swallowing. These forms and textures are those of meat. I may have missed meat at first but then I was fine. What I missed were the meals that I was used to with particular forms and textures. For instance, I love meatballs and I love chicken pieces with honey mustard and so forth so I bought vegetarian meat and my cravings were gone. Unfortunately, vegetarian meat substitutes come in small serving sizes and are too expensive for the size. It is not hard to keep meat out of your diet once you realize that you are not actually craving animal meat; rather, you are probably craving variety, texture, substance and forms. For me, that is all it is. Below is a video from a man who makes meatless mea-ta-balls. 🙂

In closing, I want to tell you that it is easier than you think to break bad habits and that you have the right to ask questions and make change happen. Thank you



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