In order for us to make change in others, we must first make changes within ourselves. Some of us may already be healthy and are able to make change in society successfully, however; many of us are not.

Now, healthy does not pertain only to a physical state; we must be mentally and spiritually healthy as well. I am not referring to religion when I say spirituality, rather; I am referring to our spiritual selves. It is important that we actually adjust our attitudes and thoughts to be able to make positive change in our lives and the lives of others. Trust me, there is NO other way. How many times have you seen others or even you, try to fix something or change something in life to no avail? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Image of Einstein doing the same thing over again

There are times that some of us try to change ourselves because we realize that we are getting absolutely nowhere, others do not have this realization that they need to change and they stay in a rut with the same “not so good” outcomes. Enlightened beings, however; can go from NOWHERE to NOW HERE! Many of us are not enlightened, especially in Western civilizations because we were taught intellect was more important than intuition. In fact, intuition was frowned upon and now many of us do not know anything about who we REALLY are and what we have the potential to do because we were taught to dummy up. Well, that is in the past; we are here to get healthy NOW and that is what we WILL do!




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program. Please stand by as I am rebuilding this community as of April 2015 because all of

my sites had been down for one month. Without enlightenment I would be frustrated that

my sites have been down and that I am starting from scratch after creating these sites in

  1. Actually, I found a backup after I accepted that I have to start from scratch, however;

I already had it in my mind that I was going to start from scratch rebuilding these sites and

I knew there was a good reason behind it. I am SUPPOSED to start over because I have

more knowledge and better content.

Yes, some content will follow from before but my attitude, thoughts and goals have evolved. I made starting over positive rather than negative and this….this is how you change your thoughts in order to change your reality! There are NO coincidences in life!!! Here we will change negativity to positivity, change our eating habits as well as our choices of household products. Changing household products to products that are more sensitive to the environment will lessen disease, lessen the chances of children swallowing poisonous chemicals, lessen the damage made to the environment and essentially save you money in the long run. Saving money does equate to becoming debt free, so please follow my advice with your new open minds and push yourselves to listen to and participate in all of the new ideas and experiences that will now become available to you.


Simone M Brady

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