Here is something new that I learned a few weeks ago. My favorite gum “Five,” ┬áthe green one, contains aspartame. Have I ever thought to check the ingredients on the gum I was chewing for this chemical? No, because I was unaware of aspartame as a sweetener, and a harmful one at that.

After I learned about aspartame, naturally I went to check the ingredients on the gum packages in a few stores and most gum and mints contain the harmful chemical aspartame. Naturally; I no longer chew my favorite gum. I now use IceBreakers Cool Blasts (24 spearmint chews). The chews last about one minute and then gone. It was cheaper and more cost effective to chew regular gum; however, I value my life and will only purchase gum and mints without the harmful chemical aspartame.

I do not know the woman who passed away from aspartame in this video. May you rest in peace and may the damage and pain that our leaders had you endure stop! I cannot wish on them pain, I do wish that they heal inside and become caring people and realize that it could have been their families.

Do you need more proof?

I would like to express how disgusted I am and amazed that we are all subject to die as a result of those who believe they run the world. These people are called the elite and because they have been given the power, they actually do run the world. Think about this. Money is paper and dyed green. We were told that a piece of paper has value. The only value it really has is that the paper comes from a tree and is a part of our ecosystem. Therefore, the only real thing about money is that it once lived. Money is dead and it is not a real form of value as is gold. So basically; money is fake, it can be printed at anytime and there should be no reason why our country should ever claim that we are bankrupt. Print more trees for Pete’s sake! My point is that many people are slaves for the elite who do not need money. Money is simply a tool used in order to produce social class within the simulative lives that we live. Social class creates slavery and without money, there would be no such thing as social class. The goal then is to make people feel like they must work in order to earn a paycheck so they can go out and buy things that are poison so that they will eventually die from the things that can be purchased from a tree and dye. This keeps population under control so that there are more resources for the elite.