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Here I have created a space for healing, or you may call it cleansing the body, Soul and spirit. These are the elements that make up the human experience. Our bodies are vehicles (vessels) that transport us throughout our lives. I want to stress to you that we do not HAVE a soul; we are souls living in a human body. We are super beings having a human experience. Our true work in life is to surpass ego and attain higher consciousness. We have become mentally, physically and spiritually polluted from harmful chemicals which are carcinogens, a lot of the food we eat contains carcinogens and the absence of spiritual awareness makes us extremely vulnerable to bad health, victims of cultural capitalists leading to a robotic society, and also vulnerable due to a lack of understanding of who we REALLY are and WHY we are here. This is all negative! We can work together to make positive changes in our lives, the Earth and the universe.


Healing the whole means to heal the body and soul (mind) for the sake of the spirit. In this space we focus on the body and physical mind (not the higher consciousness), with an emphasis on what we put in our bodies to nourish our cells. The spirit and soul are more detailed on The Creators of Our Lives and We seem to have different opinions about mind, body and spirit and soul. I need you to remember that we do not have a soul because we ARE souls. There is no sense in healing parts of the whole because in essence that would be like changing a flat tire on your car when your alternator no longer works. In other words, if our bodies are not healthy, we as souls and spirits are not in harmony with the universe. If our bodies are not healthy, manifesting things that we desire will sit while we are on our death beds. The bottom line is that we need to become healthy as a whole. Between this and a few other websites which is actually a community, we will focus on healing.


I am a muse, mentor and an addiction, life/success and leadership coach. It is my goal to create circles and groups in this space in order to “BUILD A STRONGER YOU, A STRONGER US, A STRONGER Earth COMMUNITY AND EVENTUALLY A BALANCED UNIVERSE, until you realize that we are all a part of one great collective consciousness” One thought at a time and one person at a time whose strengths are shared and experienced will make a difference in the next person joining in the circle. We will create extremely powerful circles whose positivity is high enough to light up the darkest minds and crevices on this Earth and be in tune with the universe.


How does one go about creating a circle, you may ask? Quite simply by word of mouth. We must tell a friend and they will tell a friend that we are trying to create a positive link across Earth to which the power will be so great that it will reach people across the Earth. Please invite your friends and family members to our space here on the web so that we can share and grow.

We hear talk about cleaning up our Earth. How can we clean up the Earth without first cleaning up our acts? Our planet is on a course of destruction because we have poisoned our planet, our home. We are scatterbrained because we are too busy worrying about a new dress, pair of shoes, a suit and the advancement of technology. Who are we? Do we remember who we are? Take a moment to think; please think hard about who you are.

One moment may not be enough time for us to remember who we are. We are born onto a polluted Earth with polluted attitudes and realities. We are doomed from conception and remain doomed until we decide to make a change. Change, however; will not come until we first realize that some type of change is necessary. Do not think for one moment that one person cannot make change happen. Every day one person makes change possible because without that one person, we do  not have a second or third person. One person with an idea is the most important person because he/she is the foundation and most likely the collaborator of change which can be revolutionary.


Change begins with each and every one of us independently and then as a group. Unfortunately, some of us do not realize that we need to change. What is worse, are those who do not see that our planet needs change and we are responsible for the needed changes.

Frankly, if the obese person doesn’t change her eating habits, she will most likely, eventually die from some sort of disease as a result of eating too much. If the smoker does not stop smoking, he is probably bound to be living with a respiratory disease and possibly death as a result of smoking. If we continue to pollute the earth our food will be contaminated resulting in bad health. If we remain spiritually ill; we will continue to lose a sense of self. When we continuously lose sense of self, we become dis eased which causes disease. We are in a space of nowhere and we need to make it to NOW HERE.

In this space you can read a multitude of articles regarding health issues that are a result of cultural capitalism (the creators of our culture, our realities).

Simone M Brady

I invite you to join ~